"Worrying about tomorrow means that you are missing some of today" Corey Allan of Simple Marriage

Monday, January 02, 2006

Catch up time

Too much has been happening. So my new job with the Napier i-Site is going quite well. The best thing about it is that since I'm already in Napier I can just shoot out to the bike park a couple of times a week without worrying about the cost of petrol. I am, however, getting behind in my running, and anything to do with the horses. That said I had all of today off and achieved pretty much NOTHING, other than a nap. I feel so bad about it too. In fact I feel so bad I might just head out and give the horses a quick groom to make myself feel better once I've finished this.

Had an excellent hike yesterday. It was a 20km'r and I managed it in 6.5 hours so I was pretty stoked. Pretty stuffed too. Determined to jog twice this week, even if its only for half an hour its better than nothing, and determined to get into some horsey action. Im just so damn lazy!!! Not sure what I can do about it. Mind you last week I was just so stuffed, and Im in bed by 9.30pm so not exactly burning the candle at either end. Hopefully I will be used to this working lark sooner rather than later.

Must re-read inspirational books to get back out there.

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