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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Take a step back and think!

Confession time.  Last night I caught the end of Never Say Never - the Justin Bieber doco movie, and you know what?  I actually like the guy.  I had very much pre-judged him without really knowing anything about him.  And only a pre-judge as an oldie does - 'he looks like he's 12'  'how can he sing about love, he's to young to know anything about it' … you know, lame-o judgmental stuff just because t(w)eenage girls scream and deep down I wish I was still that young (is that confession number 2?  Hahaha).  Anyway, having watched Never Say Never in its entirety today, and seeing how excited the girls in the audience were, and knowing that One Direction are on their way to NZ, and knowing that my niece has a poster on her wall, I decided to check out ticket prices.

Yes, ok, they are sold out BUT they are releasing some more tickets tomorrow and the price???

$93 and change!

So, at that price I won't be taking anyone.  If I was still working and earning comfortable $$$ then I probably would have, but since I'm not, I'm not.  And so I posted it onto my sisters Facebook wall.  This is how it went.

Me on sisters wall - I just looked up tickets for one direction, thinking I could take G and T, then I found out the tickets (that will be available from tomorrow) are in the $93 category!
    • Cousin - Why oh why would you even consider subjecting yourself to that Micha? You must be either the nicest or the craziest Aunty EVER!!!
      3 hours ago · 
    • Me - Certainly won't be subjecting myself to it at that price … lol And I vote craziest :)
      3 hours ago · 
    • Cousin - I wouldnt go to that even if they paid me $93!!! Listneing to the band would be painful enough, but all those little girls screaming??!! NO THANKYOU!!!!
      3 hours ago · 
    • Me - Yeah, but its fun watching them all have a good time and freaking out
      3 hours ago · 
    • Cousin
      Cousin - I was at the movies with daughter yesterday and they played the tiniest bit of a 1D song, and this girl literaly SCREACHED as loud as a boeing 747 at the first note and then giggled hysterically V loud for the rest of it, painful was not the word.. imagine that x100,000,000!!!!
    • Sister - Yup - at least the CD doesn't come with screaming, although there was a bit of that going on the other night when they were watching 'The Kids Choice Awards' :) Maybe a DVD would suffice :) Don't want them getting into the concert scene just yet, they are bloody expensive!
    • Sister -  Lil sis, I can just see you at a tweeny bopper concert. I think if you did it once, you would never go to another one again :)
    • Cousin - I actually think Micha fancies them and wants an excuse to go!!!!

At this point I totally wanted to write - well cousin dearest, that does not surprise me in the slightest considering you are so selfish you did not even buy your own children an Easter egg, and while you work on your bloody assignments that you constantly post about, your 9 year old daughter makes you cups of tea and raises your 18 month old.  Not to mention that your latest post was about making vodka jello shots, and the fact you are off again this weekend to some drunken party, you selfish moo.

And you sister dear, I would hardly describe One Direction (who in my opinion are the next step up from the Wiggles) as being 'the concert scene'.  I think that there will be a ton of parents with their girls, and bunches of older teen girls too.  Not the drugged, drunk, vomiting 'concert scene' which is the norm.  Not to mention that you messaged me last week with a whole 'we are too broke for me and the kids to drive the 3.5 hours to your house to stay for a week over the holidays.  Maybe we will come in July'.  Gee, thanks for making yet another big fat zero effort for me big sis!  Don't think we will be here in July, so sorry!

And seriously, both cousin and sister act like, just because I don't have kids of my own that I am too stupid to realise how loud the screaming will be.  Honestly!  I am not that dumb.  It was just because I thought that it was something that the girls would LOVE to do, and knowing how excited they would be - but anyway, moot point because it is way too expensive.

But I didn't write anything further (as you can see above).  Sister and cousin had a good time, liking each others posts, but I'm just eye-rolling their little 'motherhood unity parade'.  I got my back-up pretty good though, here I was just trying to be 'nice' and I get the 'you are such a joke' treatment.  Now, I know I am being over sensitive, which is why I did not write what I really wanted to, and more often than not I would just laugh it off, but not today for some reason.

And so, taking a step back and thinking about it, once again its pure jealousy.  I just wish that I had children that I could do things with.  I just wish that I fit in.  I just wish this infertility journey was over so I can begin to live again, live with joy rather than just functioning.  And by this I don't mean that children will complete me, I mean that a decision has been made and we are now living childless, or with our biological children, or foster children.  I just need the uncertainty to be over.


Whine over!

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