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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy being childless

It's weird, but currently I am just so happy being childless.  I actually hesitate to write it because I know that there are so many people out there that struggle with it, and I too have wrestled with it, but right now, of this very moment, I am just so content not having kids.


Our house is quiet!  If you go to my sisters (3 kids) or my sister in laws (4 kids) the noise is just incomprehensible.  Seriously, I actually like to leave and have some down time, some quiet time.  If we have kids I won't be able to get that.  And they just demand so much of your attention.  Lets face it, kids are tiring!  And messy!

If I want to go anywhere the only person I have to consider is Trent.  He gets asked if he wants to come - yes/no - we/I get in the car and go.  I can go to the basketball, horse events, the beach and I don't have to pack up someone else's belongings, and sit through a whole lot of 'I'm bored, I'm hungry, When are we going home, I'm bored, I'm hungry, When are we going home …..

All of my time is MINE!!  I can do what I want, when I want, with who I want.  No interruptions.  I can get my work done with no interruptions. I can cook dinner with no interruptions.   I can exercise with no interruptions.  I don't have to plan anything around anyone else (aside from TJL, but that's a piece of cake!) my time is all mine.

So this is all looking pretty selfish, but really I don't care.  At the moment I am getting back into exercise - BECAUSE  I  CAN, and going to the beach, and planning a winter holiday for TWO ADULTS, and we can go anywhere and do anything!  I am actually seeing the positive side of being childless.  Boyah!

Of course, if we get pregnant I will be stoked, and I am sure I will be back to my regular 'why can't we/don't we have kids' whine and rant, but for now I AM HAPPY BEING CHILDLESS!


sass @ (In)fertility Unexplained said...

I really don't think it's selfish to acknowledge that you like a quite home and a flexible life. Actually, I think it's really important to be able to point to the things that make you happy. I'm glad you're having a good day!

babycrazykiwi said...

Its a catch-22 isn't it. On the one hand having independence to come and go is wonderful, however on the other having kids would also be a wonderful experience. Good on you for being happy as you are for now...I think its important to be at peace with where you are in the journey. As for kiwi men and timing - I had to laugh at your man sounds so typical of a dairy farmer and I can just imagine him thinking its like booking the cows in for AI lol. I don't think they realise that the timing is SO short not like cows, dogs or sheep haha.

J said...

I wish I had this attitude while waiting to be parents...I was so focused on having babies from 08-11 that I forgot to LIVE LIFE! I tried enjoying my life but I always ended up in tears and frustration. Good for you! Enjoy all of the wonderful things you posted because I will be the first to say, you lose all YOUR TIME when you have kids! I honestly can't even use the restroom alone anymore, lol! :)

Good Luck to you!