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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And yet I am calm

I got to hear another pregnancy announcement today.  Fabulous.  Lady is early 30's, always 'broke', and just in a casual relationship (I actually don't know THAT much about it but that is what she told me).  The great thing is she thought to tell me in private (as we were walking to our cars after work), rather than letting me hear it in a work announcement, and despite a very brief and light 'why not me', I actually wasn't too bothered.  In fact I do believe that I am happy for her.  Wooot, what a breakthrough.  I think I am finally at that point in my infertility journey that I accept people are going to get pregnant before I do.  And I think it helps that I only have SIX!!!!! rosters of work left, so I don't (or won't) have to watch her get bigger and more excited as the birth date approaches.  It also helps that another lady at work also struggles with infertility (and I thin she has been trying for a lot longer with her husband than TJL and myself).

I think it also helps that we are progressing with IVF (first appointment 30 September), and if that fails then we have the home for life option.  Of course I still go in swings and round-a-bouts with my emotions, but today I feel good.  Positive and strong.

And I have managed to fold and PUT AWAY (I hardly ever put away) 2 loads of washing, and I have another load in the washing machine as I type.  I also cooked tea (despite being a work day for me).  And am about to get on the indoor cycle and do a quick 15 minutes before bed.

Positive and strong!  I like it!

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