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Monday, August 15, 2011

Life moving at warp speed

It feels like life is moving at warp speed at the moment.  I know it's not, and other people are far busier than I am, but there sure does seem to be a lot going on.

To top it off we had another dump of snow!  This one was a lot deeper than the 25th of July.   Fortunately this time there was only one calf born on the night of the dump, and two the following night (with snow still hanging around).  Also, this time I was on days off, so I was available to help TJL as required.

Today we had a home study visit from CYF's.  This meant that, while I should have had the house tidied over my previous days off, I left it to the last minute, and it took me around 4 hours today (not to mention the 8 or so hours I spent tidying my desk area.  I.  Am.  A.  Slob.  But now the house looks fab.u.lous (tidiness wise), I love it.  So my first goal is to keep it this way for the next four days (days that I am working).  And my next goal is to actually begin CLEANING the house (windows and walls mostly).

The CYF's visit went really well.  I think our plan of attack might be to do one round of IVF, and if that is unsuccessful, to then get onto domestic adoption (highly unlikely) and/or home for life.

So I now have to 
1.  Start planning our wedding
2.  Contact the IVF clinic and confirm or change the date they have given us
3.  Start writing our adoption profile
4.  Start writing our home for life profile
5.  Get researching upcoming horse events to get back out and start photographing.

And on that note, the rest of the snow pics are following (not the greatest as I used my old camera, and didn't muck around with appeture (sp?) etc, so they are a bit sucky)

Looking back to the neighbours property.

Looking back towards our house.

Calf trailer.

TJL picking up only calf born the first night.

Back paddocks.

Stachurski Twins tucking into their hay

Looking back towards the cow and calf sheds

Our house

Stella the snow dawg
There was even enough snow in the paddocks to grab out my old snowboard and have a couple of falls down one of our hills

TJL just used my board with his gumboots (and even then he is still way better at it than me)

Stella the rescue dog in full flight!

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