"Worrying about tomorrow means that you are missing some of today" Corey Allan of Simple Marriage

Sunday, August 28, 2011


I was Oh So Grumpy the previous two nights.  Seriously grumpy.  No rhyme or reason for it.  Just being my usual ungraceful and impatient self.  Thankfully God is graceful, patient, and FORGIVING, and will give me yet another chance to redeem myself.

I have also apologised, perhaps to a level of annoyance, to TJL for my attitude the last couple of nights.  It can be hard to apologise when you don't actually know what was driving the behaviour.  I mean, I was just ANGRY.  Nothing caused it, I was just plain ol' MAD.

In an attempt to 'get over it' I took myself off on a drive.  I had thought that at the end of our road was a forest and so I decided to drive out and check it out (timing and distance measuring so next time I could take the dog). However, after driving for about an hour and a quarter I reached the end of the road and the road ended at ... someones farm.  So I turned around and drove home.  No DoC signs indicating any walks of any kind.  Nada.  Just a farm.  *sigh*   Oh well, it was a fun drive, and blew out some cobwebs.  As an indication of how windy the road was, the distance travelled was only 50km, pretty slow going.

And, as further apologies to TJL for my atrocious behaviour, I not only made pancakes for breakfast this morning, I have also just made a batch of chocolate chip cookies ... greasing much?!  Hahaha

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