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Friday, August 19, 2011

Engagement cake - YUMMY

Work was terrible today.  I had no, no, NO samples in to test today.  That makes a 12 hour day very, very, very long.  I made it more bearable by leaving 2 hours early, after convincing a colleague to take my place in a quiz team tonight.  All I achieved at work today was washing other technicians dishes.  I strongly dislike these kind of days!

What was lovely was that a colleague of mine made TJL and I an engagement cake.  It was SO delicious!  We (my colleagues and I) ate half of it at work, and I got to take the remaining half home to share with TJL.   Just incredible, but very, very, very rich.

I am very pleased with my housekeeping progress this week, one day to go.  Each day this week I have, in the morning before work (and note I leave for work at 5.20am!), put away the previous nights dishes and put the previous nights washing into the dryer.  In the evening after work (arriving home at 6.30pm) I have cooked dinner, put on a load of washing, folded the previous nights washing AND put it away!, done the dinner dishes, laid out my clothes for work the next day, tidied up the dining room table (ie thrown away the newspapers and junk mail etc), and spent 15-20 minutes on the indoor cycle.  Tonight (because I got home 2 hours early) I also fed the chickens and the dog, sewed a button onto my jeans (as it fell off at work today!), and washed my colleagues cake container AS SOON AS I GOT HOME.  I also tried to ring and confirm my appointment at the Fertility Associates, but no-one answered after being on hold for 10 minutes so I left a message.

I'm actually tired just re-reading that!  Hahaha

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