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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Herd pregnancy testing, and more

The vets 3 cutie patootie dogs

We had to pregnancy test the herd this morning. Was quite good. Started at 9am, and was all finished by 11am, including shed clean up etc. The vet had 3 cute dogs, as evidenced by the photo. Trent wouldn't let me have one though. Such a meanie. We have 13% empty, which is way up on the 5% last year so Trent is a little disappointed. However it seems to be about the average for the season, so its not too bad.

Trent rolling his sleeves up, about to get dirty

After PTing we then had a quick wash and heading into Hawera to get some groceries, and I got lunch too, for being such a great helper. Pity I was not aware I was getting a cafe lunch because I had two pieces of slice and a marshmellow easter egg before going to town and so was pretty full already. I still ordered Chicken Fettachine (sp?) and ate half of it. Trent ate a quarter, so we didn't leave too much behind. Supermarket shopping. Yeah yeah. No exciting tales there.

The vet and Trent testing the cows

I also went to Paper Plus, my favourite store. Ok one of my favourite stores. I got 20 L shaped folders, well you know the ones, joined on two sides only so you can slip papers into them. I also got a box of envelopes, and a NZ House and Garden magazine, which Trent didn't spot until he saw me reading it while he went into the bank. Considering he slipped in a couple of packets of marshmellow eggs into the trolley at the supermarket, alls fair in love and spending.

Crazy Trent and the upside down dog Stella

I also rode my horses, see my other blog for details ... lol. And now I'm cooking tea and waiting for Trent to return so we can eat it. Unfortunately I have had a major pigout on the roast lamb already ... oooops

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