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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


A walk we did ages ago up Mt Egmont/Taranaki

Last night we had T's sister and bro in law, plus the kidlets over for tea. I did a giant roast pork, with carrots, potatoes and corn on the cob all from our garden, and peas, pumpkin and kumara from the store. I also made a blackberry and apple crumble for dessert. The blackberries came from some bushes at the back of the farm that missed out on being sprayed this year. I plan to use them a lot as no doubt they will not be there again next year - being a noxious weed they need to be sprayed out, but they are oh so yummy.

The kidlets were fun as per usual. Full on screaming at times, but generally good fun. C wanted to do a puzzle that we had, G and J had great fun hammering down some pegs, and playing with the cat and dog balls that were lying around the house. Actually since Stella is an outside dog someone must have bought her balls inside! Then we attempted to have a game of Hairy McLeary, however you are supposed to play by C's madeup rules, and it wasn't all that fun, but hey, she's four, whadda ya gonna do? Unfortunately the game had a dice and throw-cup, which proceeded to get fought over for the remainder of the night!

Today T and I zoomed into NP so I could get some interview clothes for tomorrow. I spent way too much money, and ended up buying $100 worth of bra's and knickers as well. I got one pair of dress pants, which look pretty good, and 4 shirts. 1 shirt I really like a lot and will be suitable for going out to dinner with the voucher T got from the farm owner for Christmas - YAY! I shall look forward to going out for dinner now I actually have something nice to wear.

After spending copious amounts on clothes we cruised home, where I watched the end of Oprah, and then cruised into Hawera to have a quick rece of the Library before tomorrows interview. I haven't been nervous up until now, but now I'm feeling a few butterflies. I really hope it goes well tomorrow as I feel like it could be the start of a career for me, finally. I can see where it could go. Library assistant, to librarian, to managing a section, to managing the whole library. I do need to get the job first though!

Only other thing I did today was hopefully de-flea the cat. There is a huge outbreak of fleas, apparently, at the moment, and our wee Yoki has not gone unscathed. Damn awful things. I wonder what a fleas purpose in life is? I mean like flies help dead animals break down by laying their eggs, which turn into maggots and help the body decompose, so what is the purpose of the flea?

Yoki having a wee sleep in the sun, not today, there was not much sun today

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