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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Motor racing in the background

It's been 7 months since I moved to Eltham and began living with the Naki boy, and I am finally beginning to get settled in and feel in control of my life. Over the last month we have rescued 1 kitten, named Yoko, and 1 dog, named Stella. Yoko was discovered in the house paddock, right next to a giant cow pat, yowling her head off - hence the name Yoko (Ono). The yowling was a result of her being pretty much blinded by cat flu, her eyes were pussed shut, it was oooky. She is all good now though, as the picture below shows.

Yoko, 'I'm so cute'

Stella was in the local paper as one of two dogs about to be put to sleep. I originally went to get the other dog as he was a huntaway type and would have been great for the farm. I just missed him however, yet poor wee Stella was still there. A quick phonecall to Trent, with a large amount of badgering, meant that I came home with a Black Lab X Kelpie who has more energy than the energiser bunny!

Stella. Don't I just look like I could run all day!

My job at Fonterra is ok. I really enjoy the people that I work with, but the work itself is not as much as I thought it would be. Some days I have been finished by lunch, which then means I have 6 hours to kill in the afternoon. This is very, very hard as there is nothing to kill it with, unless I want to wash windows or some other such task, which I don't. No offence, but I am not employed as a cleaner. I do all the dishes, and wipe down my bench, and clean out the fume cupboard that I use, I have no problem with that, but too much else, yeah, Nah! I have gotten better at spreading my work out over the day, but I am dreading winter as they other staff members tell me it is pretty much dead!

Because of this I have been job hunting again. Not only because there is not much work to keep me occupied, but also because my contract runs out in August and there has been no mention of either extending my contract, or taking me on permanently. So I have an interview on Wednesday with the South Taranaki District Council for a position as a library assistant. I am heading into this job proposition with the idea that I am going to really strive to get somewhere. Beginning as an assistant, moving onto a qualified librarian, and then managing a section of the library, then onto library management. I think this is actually a job that I could see myself doing long term. I have to get the job first of course, so I am very, very hopeful that I will. Time will tell, hopefully not too much time after the interview on Wednesday that is!

T in 'The Tank' - thank heavens he has a fun hobby!

Relationship is going very well. We haven't even had a fight yet! And thats in almost a year and a half! I get the odd sulks of course, and he has his moments, but we have not had a screaming, arguing row at all. Very impressive for me! Maybe I'm growing up. Nahh that will never happen. So I am very happy at this stage in my life. I did have a couple of weeks, maybe a month, of feeling really down, and tired, and blue, but I seem to have popped out of that now. Not sure if I have worked myself out of it or whether it is just cyclical, I guess time will tell. I think that I worked out that the key for me was that by watching too much TV to escape the reality of my life, meant that I was not working on aspects of my life that would make me happy with my life, if that makes sense.

Time to head out and walk the dog!

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Jon said...

Sweet dog. if its like my lab x kelpie, Oscar, then it must be a most excellent buddy.