"Worrying about tomorrow means that you are missing some of today" Corey Allan of Simple Marriage

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All alone

for a few hours tonight anyway ... yay! I do so love me some alone time.

Yoki playing under the local rag

Today is day 2 off. Yesterday I had another interview with the South Taranaki District Council. It is for a job at the contact centre, which is mostly phonecalls, with one day out of every six on the front counter. It looked quite fun when I was there yesterday, scarey too as there is quite a system to work out, plus over 170 staff (I think) to know who to transfer calls to. If I get it good, as then I will be, once again, a regular Mon to Fri worker. If I don't, well the job hunt continues. And there are not that many jobs around at the moment. Luckily if I do get stuck we can survive on Trent's income, at least for a while. I will have to curb my spending though.

Stella watching hawks fly, and wondering how to catch them

I had a great ride on the horses today. I had an absolute ball. I am going to attempt to do the winter dressage series at Stratford, provided I get the horses all trained up, and I can get some transport. I think I will pop onto Trade-me after this and see if there are any floats for sale at the moment. Of course, I can't actually afford one at the moment, but at least I can get some kind of focus towards one.

Trent and Rog spraying the drains so they don't get blocked

Which actually reminds me that I had better get onto my bank accounts and swap some money around before I spend it. Plus pay a bit more off to Ma n Pa.

Tomorrow we are off to see the heffiers, and Trents sisters family, and to the scrapbook shop in Inglewood, that Trent doesn't want to go to, and says we aren't going to, but I know he will let me go to! He's just cheeky like that.

Friday we have to pregnancy test the herd, and I better go to the supermarket and top up lots of stuff, before resuming work on Saturday. Never ending circle of life ah!

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