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Friday, April 03, 2009

Feeling run down

Our beloved Yoki cat got hit by a vehicle and died a couple of days ago. I'm still crying.
Farewell my beloved Yoki cat. I miss you terribly and wish you could have been with us for longer. Will love you always.

I have been feeling very run down of late. Well its hard to say really. I have good days, and then I have not so good days. Days where I just feel flat, or a bit sick, or blah, and up and down days. I have had this nagging cough for ages now too. Comes and goes as well. Getting a wee bit sick of it all, and I just want to feel good, normal, great. So what is the problem? Allergy to the horses? I think that may be part of it. Reflux? Well thats what the doc said, which leads onto diet. Diet? Yep I unfortunately think that diet may be the key. I eat way too much chocolate, like a bar a day or so. Drink way too much fizz, like maybe 600mL a day or less. And lately we have not been eating very well for tea at all. Hardly any veges, and I don't eat a heck of a lot of fruit, if any. So diet is going to have to change, again! What is the key to sticking with it, that is my problem. I can start eating well, and feeling well, and then I will stop and wonder why I'm not feeling so great again. Don't seem to learn from my diet mistakes that easily. Another key indicator that it is mostly diet is that my skin is shocking. Zitty, and just generally unhealthy looking. I think I need to do a few labels up with the simple word DIET on it and really focus on what it is I am eating. Even if I continue to eat a few chocolates and drink a few fizzys, as long as I up the veges and water I can only get better. Sounds simple ah! Previous behaviours indicate that this is not so.
Stella looking a bit 'Ewok' like. She did manage to 'sit' and 'stay' for once though.
Tonight Trent has gone to Wanganui to race 'The Slug'. I wasn't feeling particularly well today and decided at about 4pm, after an afternoon nap, that I wouldn't go. It worked out well as it meant that I could finish washing out the milking shed etc so Trent could get out of here, otherwise he would have been really late. I wish I had gone to see him, but then again I am glad that I didn't because I think the drive would make me feel worse. Its a swing day today. Feel ok one minute then just plain blah the next. I have had a heap of veges for tea, silverbeet, tomatoes and carrots, plus a small steak, so that is a good start on my journey to healthy eating.

Trent hosing out the other day, with a lil' black Stella dog in the background.

Only other thing that we did today was go and watch a Kaponga v Coastal rugby game. Trent thinks he might play again this year, which is great as I always did want me a rugby player.

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