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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sick day

So I wanted a couple of days off this week, due to the fact it rained all weekend and I didn't get any of my stuff shifted down to the folks. Problem is that I just feel way too guilty to be able to pull a sick day when I'm not sick so yesterday I was a good girl and headed off to work. Then it turns out I was getting sick. Not 'I can't possibly work' sick, just the good ol' 'bugger I'm getting a cold' sick. One benefit of working in customer services is if you get very sniffly, to the point you are sneezing the entire time whilst trying to serve customers, you get sent home. YAY! Woke up this morning still feeling a bit under the weather so I called in sick, which meant I got to take a couple of loads of stuff to the parents, and I got to go and see my neices swimming lesson.

Isn't she, pretty in pink!

I have not seen my neice swim for over a year now, aside from summer time in their pool. She used to have swim lessons on a Monday, and I used to work Tues-Sat, so I was a regular viewer of her lessons. Since we have all shifted around she now has lessons on Tues, and I work Mon-Fri, so there just has not been the opportunity, until today. My goodness she is a great swimmer now. Dolphin diving, backstroke, freestyle, all coming together - fantastic for a 4 year old. Well in a few months she will be 5, but still, WOW! Its unfortunate that I will be moving so far away, but with a work schedule of 4 days on, 4 days off I will make the effort to visit regularly to catch up with all the fam-damn-ly. The cool thing about shifting so far away is I now have someone I can go away and stay with (the biggest downer of having my entire immediate family living in the same tiny town is I had nowhere else to go ... lol).

One step, two step, tick-i-ley under there

Little neice was having a good time too. She wasn't keen on hopping into their pool over summer, unless the temp was over 24 deg C or something. However this pool is nicely heated so she was in like Flynn, whoever Flynn was. She had a great time, hanging off my sister, swimming around. She is even quite happy to get dunked under water, all-be-it briefly, but hey, she is only 20 months. She is such a cheeky wee thing, loves having her photo taken, but then again don't they all. Methinks it helps having digital so they can see the picture instantly, absolutely no concept of having to wait for film processing. Ahh the age of INSTANT, they all want it NOW.

Splish splash

So I think my sister is a great Mum. I am so jealous, but hey, dems the breaks. Maybe oneday my day will come, maybe not. I shall just have to focus on my farmer boy, my horses, and finally my science career, and enjoy all my neices and nephew, and be thankful that when they are tired and grizzly and have a stinky bum, its not my problem. Hehehe

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