"Worrying about tomorrow means that you are missing some of today" Corey Allan of Simple Marriage

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Time for a quick blog

Its gotta be quick as I have a LOT of tidying to do due to the fact the Real Estate agent is coming over tomorrow to see the place to rent it out. And my place is an absolute tip .... arghhhhh. Of course procrastinating on here is not helping a heck of a lot!

So food wise today I was again fairly good. I had porridge, milk and brown sugar for breakfast. Half a carrot for morning tea. 2 slices of pizza for lunch. Half a carrot, nuts and raisins for afternoon tea. And 3 slices of pizza, a large bowl of rice and gravy (didn't need such a large bowl but it was left overs ... hows THAT for an excuse!) for dinner.

Money wise I was excellent. I did not spend a single cent (not that I have a cent to spend). There is a book I am keen to buy, but I figure if I can get this book once I have $100.00 in savings in an account as a reward. Its not a large sum, but it will be a start, and it is far better to do it this way than my usual, I will buy this book and replace the money next pay ... never happens!

Work was ok, fairly quiet, but only 8 days to go .... hooray!

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