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Saturday, July 19, 2008

I worked this sunday

So I worked today. No big deal, except I don't usually work Sundays. Well I haven't for a long time, however with the new job I will be, but heck, really, I was just stuck for a title!

My parents at my sisters. My mother HATES photos so you have to snap when you can.

Went to the big sisters for dinner last night. Roast pork for dinner, and Mum made a cheesecake for dessert. Was totally delicious! I ate way too much. Story of my life, well my past life as I am, once again, resolving to lose weight! This is probably resolution 9,486,215 but you gotta start somewhere. I got my Fonterra job by utilising 'The Secret', so I am now going to apply it to my weight, and my finances.
My little neice. She was a bit grubby yesterday, but still the life and soul of the party.
My two neices. The older one didn't want any photos taken last night, so this was all I got. Yes that is a singing santa dog, six months early but I'm off-loading stuff.
I achieved my food goals today. I was STARVING hungy, moreso than usual. I wanted chocolate. I wanted a coke. I wanted ANYTHING bad. But I didn't succombe. I waited until I got home and had a couple of pieces of toast with marmite, before dinner. Todays food list is thus - Breakfast; 2 pieces of toast with butter and jam. Morning tea; half a carrot (raw) and a piece of banana cake (my co-worker brought it in and I didn't want to be rude. Wasn't a large piece). Lunch; left over macaroni and cheese with mushrooms. Afternoon tea; half a carrot (raw) and 3 krispie biscuits, two pieces of toast with butter and marmite. Tea; 3 pieces of chicken, rice, 1 x carrot, peas, and gravy. No WONDER I'm rather large at the moment. Cut down on portion size MichaJ!

And financial goals all good today too. I have decided to close two of my current accounts at my current bank (2 savings accounts with NO money in them), and retain my current account and my Visa. This current account will become my house account - rent will go in, mortgage will go out. And I need to get both of these accounts paid off and if I don't use them as my main accounts this WILL happen. Balance of these accounts are - current account -$1200.00; visa account - -$1500.00. I then plan to open 2 new accounts with another bank. A current account and a savings account. I will use these new accounts with my new job, and automatically transfer money over to my old accounts to get them paid off (if I can get this done through my salary that would be GREAT). So the idea behind this plan is basically so I start off from scratch. Set up a debt repayment plan and then focus on building wealth. I shall do this on Thursday, which is payday. Rock on my new life. Wheeeeeeee

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