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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Snap Happy

The best thing about beginning the 365project.org is that I am finally taking photos daily.  I had started with just an everyday snapshot album to basically journal my everyday life.

I then added an infertility album because I felt like journaling this part of my life, which will be fixed forever during this year.

Then today, after checking out a few other albums, I decided to add an actual photographic album so I actually concentrate and work on getting a good shot everyday, rather than just documenting my life.

So here five of the 47 shots I took today.  Just the ones I liked, kind of random, which is totally me.
 Max a'Million - kind of my new favourite subject.  Makes me feel guilty about Stella-D.  Must make more of an effort to photograph her.  Not that she cares if I take more of Max than her, she is just a dog.

 Here he is again, posing on the hillside before he got onto the scent of a Pukeko, and ignoring my calls to 'COME MAX'.

 Lunch!  Bacon, mushroom and cheese omelet.  Twas good, real good!

Sun setting behind the oil rig that is just up the road from us, ie I essentially took this shot from the end of our driveway.

Moon rising, over clouds lit by setting sun.

I am actually beginning to get back into my photography again.  Fan-flippin-tastic!

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babycrazykiwi said...

Hope things are ok with you guys. No doubt VERY busy and stressful with the drought. Doubt those paddocks in the pics are green like that anymore.