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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

God, Love and Fitness

And so the joys of infertility continue.  Now I'm not exactly obsessive by nature, and I'm just living my infertility life with the whole, 'She'll be right' attitude.  So I think my cycle is usually somewhere around 23 to 28 days, but occasionally Aunt Flow gives me a longer wait.  I think she is doing that to me this month.  If only I could remember when I had her last.  I think it was around the 3rd or 4th of January.

HUH!  Shows you what I know, just looked back at my blog an she was here on the 10th Jan, so I'm a week out, silly old dingbat!   And that is why folks, I never get my hopes up!  LOL!  I have, however, been having minor stomach cramps for about a week.  Which I do sometimes get.  But you know, one does still like to believe that a miracle has happened.  And counting back the days it does mean she is due any day now, or anywhere up to 5 days away.  She will probably show up tomorrow since TJL and I going away for this weekend.  Romantic?  I think not!  Lucky we are going away to watch cars race around a dirt track for TWO WHOLE NIGHTS -hmmm noise and dust, nothing romantic there.  And of course AF is going to show up when I am spending ALL DAY Saturday photographing a horse event.  *sigh*  At least this show has a couple of breaks during the day AND handy, nice toilets to use.

So yes.  This is why I keep a blog, so I can track some aspects of my cycle.  I'm such a shocker!

In other news:-

My bible reading is going really well this time.  I am writing 'notes' as I go, an it is definitely giving me a better understanding.  Mostly because my 'notes' are practically writing the entire Bible out in long hand.  Being totally new to the Bible, and Christianity, I am reading it like you would any other book, ie from front to back, as I have no idea how to read any different.  I am currently up to Cain and Abel, which does feel like slow progress, but it is much better than no progress at all.  This would be the third time I have attempted to read the Bible, with the other two attempts failing early on with utter confusion.  Yes, writing it down is by far THE best method.

My Love Dare is also going well.  Again I am writing notes as I go, and God is helping me to be brave in asking TJL the questions I need to ask, and telling TJL the things I need to tell him.  I am learning SO much.  I love it.  And I can feel myself changing and growing every day.

ref=sib_dp_pt.jpgFinally I am also reading Candace Cameron Bure with Darlene Schachts' book Reshaping it all.  What a FANTASTIC book!  I highly recommend it.  If you do not have a copy I definitely recommend that you get one, whether you need to lose weight or not.  It is SUCH an INSPIRATIONAL book, not just for weight loss but for living a faith filled life where you are guided by God to eat wholesome, healthy foods until you are SATISFIED rather than full.  Does GLUTTONY ring a bell with anyone?

Go here to order it from Amazon

It will definitely be a book I repeatedly dip into as I progress on my weight-loss journey.  A book I can use for inspiration and a tool to help me pick myself up when I begin to fail, all with Gods guidance of course.

Life is GOOD!  Actually life is AWESOME and I have the Lord to thank for that so THANK YOU LORD!

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