"Worrying about tomorrow means that you are missing some of today" Corey Allan of Simple Marriage

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Getting back into my stride

If only my life could be rowed up so neat and tidy!

Ack.  I started the new year off well.  I even had a recap at the beginning of this month.  And then TJL and I went to Palmy North for Speedway Teams Champs, and all my routines and improved behaviour went right out the window.

TV has snuck right in, which means my bible reading and the love dare have snuck right out.

Fizzy drink has returned to my diet, as well as McD's, and all manner of junk food.

Ack.  I repeat, ACK!

And what have I learned from this relapse?

That I can not improve myself without regular communication with God.  I need to read Gods word EVERY.  MORNING.  to keep myself focused and heading along the right track.

With Gods help, I can begin to get my messy life into some semblance of order

I have learned that I can not do it alone.  I just can't.  Without the Lord leading the way, I am a mess.  Without immersing myself in His word and living my life geared towards him, I am not living the best life that I could be.  By attempting to live my life without total focus on pleasing God, I then end up pleasing no one, not myself, not TJL, not anyone.

And so once again, I am down before God, asking for his forgiveness and begging for his help, to get me back on track and functioning every day in the way that He desires me to.

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