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Sunday, February 20, 2011

1 folicle to size, look out TJL

Had my mid-cycle scan today.  Only two folicles in the right (none in the left), and only one is of the right size, but I am more than happy to take it.  So TJL has tonight off, then its BD time for 4 nights in a row (he has been warned).  Should we fail to get pg this cycle, then I have double the dose of whateveritwas it was I took on last day 3 to 7.  Kind of exciting in an 'I don't want to get my hopes up' kind of way.

Today I also got around to re-contacting CYFs, who put me onto the local adoption lady, who emailed me straight away and has put the info. into the post for me today!  YAY!  It seems I am far better off emailing this department rather than phoning, as I did last time.  This suits me as I HATE using the telephone, I will phone people, but prefer not to.  I think there is a seminar we need to attend coming up in about July, and we may need to be married (I DEFINITELY do not have a problem with this, and it might just be the push TJL needs!), but things are chugging along nicely in this area as well.

The only other thing I did today was make a start tidying my 'office' area.  It is a SHOCKER!  It is looking a lot better, but I plan to only do 5 minutes a work day (c'mon, after 12 hours plus 1 hour travel I don't have THAT much energy left), and that is better than nothing.

So, YAY, it has been a step towards getting some children kinda day!

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