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Monday, May 14, 2012

Wearing my brave pants

This year, for the first time in many years, I came across mothers day with no bad feelings what-so-ever.  Seriously,  I am still in a state of enjoying our childless status, and while I have a year to go (at least) before I can get myself a horse (or 3), I actually really appreciate the freedom TJL and I have to do what we want, as we want.  How stress free is that??!!  Of course being Mothers Day we headed over to TJL's Mums, where his sister was, with her 4 kids.  My only problem with this, it was raining and so the kids will all be inside making TOO MUCH  NOISE!!  Hahaha.

However, on FB I did take exception the the 'mummy day' posts that spieled forth about how frickin awesome Mothers are because they 'work so hard and thus are so much more superior to those of us without children'.  Yes, ok, no-one actually SAID that, and it is how I INTERPRET what they say, because, let's face it, aside from my birthday I don't get a day, and I certainly don't get a day congratulating me on how hard working I am.  So what did I do?  I posted this as my status:-

To all the women out there who aren't mothers (whether by choice or natures design), to those of you who don't get extra days off of work because you don't have any children who are sick at home, to those of you who work all school holidays, who work the weekends, who put up with constant posts of other peoples children's achievements, who buy far more Christmas and Birthday presents each year than you receive have a GREAT DAY. Spending the day with nieces, nephews, other peoples children? Fill them up with food colouring and sugar, then go home to your nice quiet, peaceful house.

And do you know what?  It is probably the one status that I have ever written that got the most likes, EVER.  And comments from people (women) saying Thanks M!  A-ha, you are not alone!

Which then got me thinking, is infertility easier on guys come Fathers Day?  I mean, I don't really recall any guys saying 'To all the daddies out there, have a fantastic day, you deserve it because you are awesome'.  Guys just don't do that sort of thing.  Their women, however, will be out there in force, declaring how 'their partner is the best Daddy ever … blah, blah, blah'.  

Seriously, what is it with women that they feel the need to constantly sing theirs and their families praises?  Quite frankly it is not only boastful and downright annoying, I actually believe it displays a severe lack of confidence and need for affirmation.  In fact I have one 'friend' who in he last month has got herself (and family) printed in 2 magazines (where you send yourself in), and told us all about it on FB, and then on mothers day she trolled through her pregnancy photos (kid is now a couple of months old) and 'liked' herself so we all get to see her pregnant again.  **scrolling on by**

Get over yourselves ladies! Seriously!  The rest of us don't give a monkeys! (However, politeness on my part means that I will never let you know that :)

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babycrazykiwi said...

Oh my freaking goodness I love that status!!!! Its so the kind of thing I would think of writing but never have the guts so well done you.