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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Busy as a bee today

Funny thing Facebook.  I posted asking for silver beet recipes, and got the most responses that I have ever had.  It was great!  Best reply didn't come until today, but hey, I will have that in my arsenal for next time.  Silver beet, the one vege that grows itself with not much help from me.  I plant it then ignore it.  Everything else treated this way dies.  My vege garden is a very sad sight.

And on the topic of food, we watched River Cottage Somethingorother last night and I literally CRIED, I had TEARS at a desert he made.  Very simple, crushed meringue with cream, and strawberries and raspberries (pre-mixed with a bit of sugar so it made a bit of a syrup).  It looked SOOOO good!  So good I cried!  Seriously!  I just wanted it so badly.  Will have to wait for summer to come so I can make it.  Drooooool!

Today was good.

I got up around 6am jumped on the bike for an hour, followed by a couple of bits of toast for breakfast.  I then stripped the bed and put the sheets and my pj's on to wash, and did last nights dishes.

TJL and I then shifted the break for the cows, and set up the break for tomorrow (well ok, TJL did this while I talked to the cows, patted the dog, and gave TJL directions).  Stella-Dog and I then went for a walk up the hill while TJL feed the cows a bale of hay.

Got home, stripped the duvet covers off and washed them, hung out the sheets, folded yesterdays washing, and made choc. chip cookies.  Apparently the cookies are very nice, I am only allowed one after dinner, with my hot chocolate - my wee treat of the day - so I have yet to sample them.

I then dug over a quarter of the vege garden.  Found a few potoatoes.  Murphys law applies here, regardless of how few potatoes are in your patch, you will spear every single one with your garden fork.  Bah!  But the few we got are all good, will be about a weeks worth, bearing in mind TJL likes them with every diner.

Read the Dairy News until lunch (had baked beans on toast) and then read the NZ Gardener, and NZ House & Garden.

After my wee I break dug up another quarter of the vege garden, so half to go, and mowed the lawn.  Took another wee break to read NZ House and Garden, we then walked Stella.

Back home I made some pasta, which was cut into squares and 'stuffed' with last nights left over potato, silver beet, and some cheese.  Served up with a tomato & bacon sauce.  It was actually delicious, the pasta was a bit doughy, but it was only my second attempt, so it can only get better.

And now I am catching up on some computer time.  I have emailed the basketball committee to say I am resigning from the committee, I really need to focus on helping TJL out on the farm much more.  I just have to get all of my stuff sorted to hand over to someone else.  I did media, so that is control of the website, facebook, and twitter thingees.  Just have to give login's and passwords etc, so nothing too major.  Will be nice to go to the basketball next season as a spectator, and if I don't feel like it then I just won't go rather than feeling like I have to go.  Luckily 3 guys just joined the committee so I am sure one of them will be keen to take the job.

And now it's time to fill out the daily farm and personal diary's before hot chocolate and bikkie time!  Booyahh!

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