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Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend away - alone

Well I got back from my weekend away, alone, last night.  Surprisingly I missed TJL!  Not surprising in an 'I no longer love him and want to leave him' kind of way, but in a 'I love being alone and spending time with myself and I never get to do it anymore' kind of way.

It was good though.  3 days of horses, horses, horses - BLISS!!

Yep, the NRM 3 Day Event at Taupo was fabulous.  Frickin cold, but fabulous.  Friday, dressage day, rained a bit and was overcast and not great.  Saturday, CROSS  COUNTRY  DAY - BOO YAH!  Beautiful sunshine, but the wind was freezing!  Sunday, show jumping, and again beautiful sunshine but when the wind got up … fa - reez - ing!

I haven't been to a huge horse trial event in years, and years, and years, and MAN the cross country jumps were ginormous!  I took photos of most of them (ok all of the big ones, except the last one because I missed it).  They were lovely looking jumps though, so well designed, very cool looking, but would I ever want to get a horse and compete to that level?  Not on your Nelly!  It took me about 2 hours to walk the course, obviously I wasn't walking fast, but I didn't think it would take me quite so long.  Was good though, because being away meant that I wasn't exercising at home.

I had crap food for dinners (ok and brunches too), but whatever.   Hmmmm, but whatever she says, having had a spackie this morning about not having lost weight despite a big increase in exercise amount over the last month *sigh*.  I seriously don't get it, but that's a post for my other blog.

So life is great!  Aside from the fact I want us to buy a farm so I can get a horse (or 3).  But, yeah, life is GREAT!!

Oh yeah, had a blood test today - day two of Aunt Flo.  Awww, whatever!  Over it!  But must.lose.weight!!

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