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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Basketball Hoop

So really, what does a woman turning 40 in two days time really, really, really want for her birthday?  That would be a basketball hoop, and today it arrived.  TJL has yet to find and fit a pole to it, and it is a bit on the plastic side so it might take some work to get it affixed to a pole, but I am sure TJL can do it as he is super handy.  I can't wait until it is up and I can 'shoot some hoops!'

Today I have spent a bit of time getting the spare room ready for niece GP's visit next week.  It is going to be interesting having her for 5 or so days on our own.  She is nearly 8, so I am sure she will be fine.  And she absolutely loves the farm.  I totally forgot to take a before picture (as per usual).  I will take an after one, once I have the sheets all washed and back on the bed.  It is amazing how musty/dusty they smell after being stored for so long.  Of course that is all about to change now I am a full-time housewife.  I plan to have a roster where everything gets washed at least every 6 months (rather than when needed, like every 3 years ... bah ha ha), we will believe it when we see it!  Hopefully the room will be nicely aired for her.

Next week I will have to get the other spare room ready for my parents visit.  And the bonus of this is, then that is 2 out of 8 rooms clean and tidy!

Not to mention that I have survived 3 days without Coke, and I have managed 4 runs this week, so my healthy lifestyle is also beginning to take shape.  And I feel SO MUCH BETTER!  Much more happy that's for sure!

Well I had better get out and get the washing off the line before starting tea.


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