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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Spent two half days photographing at the BMX Indoor at Hawera this weekend.  Man they are fast!  I ended up taking over 2000 photos, which is pretty much A LOT so surely I have some good ones in there. So far I have only sorted through, and uploaded, 400 of them.  Hopefully I get them all done this week.

Of course, whenever I am at an event I do the 'Oh I WISH we had kids!!!!!' internal whine.  I know we are getting closer, even if it is through 'Home for Life' foster care, where we will have to 'share' them with the birth parents.  But kids are kids, hey, and if we have them for the majority of the time then all is sweet.    Home for Life is where kids are taken out of their birth parents home as it is unsafe, and has been deemed unsafe 'for life', thus a permanent home is found, but they are not able to be adopted so guardianship is joint between birth and foster carers.  The social workers we are dealing with put it a great way though.  Treat it like a marriage breakup, and you end up sharing joint custody with your ex.  Not ideal, but better than nothing.

One more training session with the social workers on Thursday, and an assessment, then hopefully it is all on!

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