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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Second seminar re Adoption or Foster Care

We had our second seminar for adoption and/or foster care today.  It started the same way as the introduction one, and day one ... badly.  For the induction day, the power went off with one row of cows left to milk, and took AGES to come back on, so I got stressed, we were a bit late.  Induction day one, we had a relief milker who stayed the night so we thought he might help TJL out in the morning ... um NUP.  So I went down and hosed out, and bada bing bada bang, the flaming heifers got out, so I got stressed, and we were a little bit late.  Today, day 2, no cows to milk, no stress, but TJL got up late, felt unwell, dawdled, I got stressed, and we were a tiny bit late, but not too bad.

Today was much better than day 1, not quite so clinical and dry.  Even TJL survived it a lot better, which is fortunate, as to be a foster care provider we have one more seminar day to go.  Originally we didn't have to attend it as we had only planned to adopt, but since we are looking at the foster care route we have to, and fortunately TJL is on board for this one (he dislikes sitting, inside, learning stuff).

Today they had a panel of 3 people who are currently in the system.  One guy has been involved in looking after teenage boys for 9 years (he had been a youth worker), one lady has two kids for lifetime placement, and has just had another two placed with her and is going through the system to get them placed with her for lifetime.  The third lady has an adopted daughter (aged 5) and has just had a boy placed with her for lifetime (currently going through the system).

So it was good.

And now we might be looking at local adoption rather than inter-country, or 'care for life', which is a placement for life, where we are legal guardians but not 'parents' for life.  No rush to make a choice as yet, time will tell us what direction we need to be heading in.

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