"Worrying about tomorrow means that you are missing some of today" Corey Allan of Simple Marriage

Friday, October 16, 2015

Tossing and biffing and chucking

I'm trying to rid the clutter of our house a little at a time.  Note that 99.9% of the 'junk' is my junk, but I'm frequently hassling TJL about his 0.1% - poor guy!

So I'm tossing out stuff as I come across it, kinda.  Like today, vitamins and health supplements that just sit in the pantry, taking up space and not been taken - out they went!  Even the non-expired ones!  We don't take them, and if we change our minds at some later point where we want to take them ... we'll just buy some more.

And I threw out the soap rack in the bathroom.  It sat, by the sink, with the soap on it, slowly rusting away.  The sink has built in soap holders, in which the rusting soap holder sat.  Why?  WHY?  In fact I'm not even sure why I have a soap at the bathroom sink as we have a liquid soap in there, and most hand washing is done in the laundry tub.  So yes, out went the soap rack.  And an empty deodorant can of TJL's.  And a full deodorant can of TJL's that had lost its sprayer thingee, that has sat in the drawer for years waiting, for what?  Waiting for what?  It's in the bin now anyway.

And I finally sorted out my magazine pile.  A huge pile to pass on to my mother, a small pile that went into the recycling bin, and the smallest pile left for me to finish reading.

Baby steps, baby steps.


babycrazykiwi said...

Hi! Great to see you back. I've been reading but find it hard to comment using my phone. Love the idea of the clean out. I've been doing the same. Last week it was clothes, my and the Fella's. Big purge and tidy up and man it felt good.
All the best with the losing weight mission too. One step at a time. I'll be cheering you on!

Mali said...

You're inspiring me. I need to clean up (and lose weight) too.