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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Back on Facebook

Ah, yes, I have succumbed to the 'dark side' and I am back on Face.book.


Well it is due to the fact that I SUCK at sending emails.  It seems that I feel that my life is more suited to short twi.tter or face.book snippets than to warrant full length email catch-ups.  And lets face it, a face.book catch up is better than no catch up at all.

So I'm back.  The good thing is I do have to pretty much start over from scratch on the site.  I have no friends, well I have 3 already, but this time I will restrict it to true friends and I will NOT get caught up in the 'how many friends do I have?' game.  I am not a teenager, and face.book is not a popularity contest, it is a media device to keep in contact with friends and companies that I like.

And in other news, having had a HUGE break from photographing, I am now getting back into it, starting with the Waverley A&P Show on Tuesday.  Put that up on my PauaVision Photography FB page (which I never took down) and it already lead to a couple of requests to head to certain rings, and to another event.  Which is all good!  And it is about time I got back into it.  I might spend tomorrow having a practice day out with the camera, to re-familiarise myself, and to get all of my gear cleaned!

I have also been having fun with the chickens.  We acquired two new ones, due to the boss getting 6 news ones for his daughter-in-law who was going to kill their remaining 2 old ones (who, by the way, are not that old, only about 3 years old), so we got them.  Trouble is that the new ones are a bit bigger than 2 of our existing chickens (the 3rd existing chicken is ancient, like about 15, and she puffs herself up and pecks the new ones on the head so no worries there) and so the new ones dominate the old, and because the coop is a bit on the small side our old chickens won't go into the coop with the new ones for dinner, so I have had to feed them outside of the coop.  This means that I will have to go and lock them away later tonight, when they have all put themselves to be.  Our hens are the same age as the new hens, so I assume the size difference is due to the fact the new ones were cooped up all the time, whereas ours are only cooped up at night and travel quite a distance each day roaming around the farm, so they didn't get fat, just fit.

What a lot of random rambling!  I do plan on getting some more coherent posts done in the future, but then again, I am very good at plans, just not so good at executing them.

 I am a constant work in progress!

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Unceasing, Uninterrupted Valkyrie said...

I am a constant work in progress! AMEN! I hope the break from photography has given you the space to create a lot of really good work