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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Visit with the gynecologist

So I had my first appointment with the gynecologist today.  Turns out the blood tests the doctor ordered weren't exactly correct SO I have to have some more.  No doubt it is just the beginning.  I had one lot today, as it did not matter when I had them, and the sooner the better, right?  The next lot I have to have are on day 2 of my next cycle.  *sigh*  When one works 4 days on, 4 days off, 6am to 6pm, things like this make it kinda tricky.  I guess, when someone works anywhere it makes it kinda tricky.  The main thing is I really dislike having to take time off of work to do these kinds of things.  I know a lot of people do it without a second thought, but me, I prefer to get them organised on my days off.  Luckily two of my team leaders at work are female, and one has been struggling with infertility herself, so I am sure it won't be too much of a problem.  A slightly larger problem is that if I get my period on Friday, I have to get to medlab on Saturday and, if the Medlab in H.town is not open on a Saturday then I have to go to N.P, which is an hour in the opposite direction to work *sigh*.  I love living rurally and working in a small town BUT sometimes it is a bit inconvenient.  Of course if I get my period on Saturday then I have to wait until Monday, nowhere medical will be open in this neck of the woods on a Sunday ... lol

On another note I decided to travel 2.5 hours away to a show to take photos on Saturday.  So I just put it 'out there' ie on an internet chat board, that I would be there, and I MIGHT go on Sunday as well.  Well two people have said that they are riding on Sunday and would like some photos SO I get to travel 2.5 hours away on Sunday as well.  I would have stayed the night BUT I have to be back in Hawera for a work 'do' on Saturday night *sigh*.  And there is no guarantee that I will sell any photos, thus 'make' any money.  I am more than happy to do it as it will get my name out there.  Then after Sunday I have to get back, get to bed as I need to be up a 4.45am to resume my work 'week'.  THEN Tuesday TJL and I are off out to a comic in NP.  I  AM  GOING  TO  BE  SO  TIRED!

And I am not even going to begin thinking about my next days off.  Lets just say it involves more appointments, more driving, and another show, and on and on it goes.  Talk about BUSY season!  And its only just begun.

Very exciting though.

I love it!

God, You are just Awesome!


The Griffiths said...

I teach elementary children and my appointments are always in the morning, which means I have to get a substitute and it's very inconvenient. Although I hope it's worth it someday, it's still a huge hassle and pain in the rear. I hope you get what you wish for someday soon!

Chelsea said...

All these tests and procedures seem to be quite a handful. It's a bit of trouble that you have to do all these during work days and that you have to travel a long way. I hope your team leader would understand your situation. I also wish that all these sacrifices you've been making will all be worth it and rewarding in the end. The best of luck to you!

Chelsea Leis