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Thursday, November 04, 2010

I think I need to walk around with a dictaphone

I quite often (ie every day) have totally wonderful, insightful, and sometimes funny blog posts assailing my brain.  These occur when I am driving, walking the dog, in practically all situations where I do not have access to a computer.  Then, as soon as I get back and in front of the computer nothing.  Nada.  It's all just gone, and my head is empty *sigh*.

I did come to the conclusion today that I am addicted to TV.  Have I mentioned that before?  I am pretty sure that I have.  And I am pretty sure that it is the root of ALL of my problems.  Not to say that if I manage to cut down my viewing time considerably that I won't have any problems BUT I think that they would be considerably lessened as I would start to feel SO much better about myself *ding ding ding*, folks we have a winner.

So I think I will set myself a 30 day TV challenge.  One that will severely limit my TV watching.  Beginning tomorrow, day 1, I will NOT turn the TV on first thing in the morning.  I will use my new CD player instead (the one that I HAD to have, and haven't used at all yet), and listen to uplifting music while doing far more productive stuff that watching the magic box.  I mean lets face it, reading a comic book would be far more productive than watching the magic box.

Lucky I have a couple of appointments in the big smoke tomorrow so that will fill in a lot of my day.  One of which is my first Gynecologist appointment.  I have no idea what to expect, and I will be going alone as TJL has the AB technician coming, and other farming chores to do.  So it will be interesting I guess.  I wonder what will happen ....

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