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Saturday, October 12, 2013

A week of learnings

This week has not been fun.  At all.  To keep it in perspective, it wasn't a terrible week where someone we know died, or got diagnosed with some terrible illness, or lost a fortune.  But it was a week of tough knocks.  Compounded by the fact it was my birthday, which still hasn't been celebrated.  However, rather than dwell on the negative (which I am inclined to do) I intend to learn things from it.

Firstly TJL was drilling, drill broke, cut his wrist, which resulted in a nights stay in hospital.  On my birthday.  If we weren't dairy farmers, this wouldn't really matter too much.  But we are.  And if TJL is out of action, it's my turn to step up.  I haven't stepped up at all lately, so enter PANIC mode, and lets be honest, tears and fears.  I needed to milk Monday night and Tuesday morning, at least, on my own.

Cue my in-laws, in-laws.  Yes, you read that right, my sister-in-laws parents-in-law stepped up to the plate and helped me milk Monday night (as the cows are currently being mated at night, and I have next to no ability to pick the ones needing to be mated).

What I have learned from this experience is that it is amazing the people who do step up to help (perhaps a bit less surprising are the ones that don't).  Obviously my in-laws in-laws will be receiving a big THANK YOU gift from us.

I also learned that I am more than capable of milking, if I need to.  And to make it easier on myself in future, it is time I stepped up big time and helped TJL out in the shed a few times a week, so I am confident in what I am doing, and so my arms keep strong.  Oh how my arms ached after my second milking.  After my forth milking they were beginning to get used to it.  

I also learned how hard TJL works.  It sounds stupid, but he just gets on and does it.  I'm a whiner, not proud of it, but I am.  I don't know how he does it.  No breaks.  Milks morning and night.  Everyday.  No days off, for MONTHS.  I MUST step up and help him.  I MUST.  I didn't even last a week, and that was with him in the shed helping me every day bar one morning.  How he managed to live on his own, and milk without a break an entire season is beyond me.  Although I have realised that I do need to step up and help him more on farm, I have, at least, been here to cook his meals, do the dishes, clothes washing, etc.  Before me he had to do it all!  He is one strong man.

We were also told something during the week which totally knocked our confidence, and made us feel pretty down.  I am not too sure what the learnings from this are.  It has inspired us to go and check out a few farms for sale during the week.  Definitely time to be our own boss, although it all comes down to whether or not we can get enough money together to purchase our own property.  It does get a bit depressing when you (well TJL) are working your butts off and it's still not good enough.  I also learned that I need to be TJL's biggest cheerleader in life, so slights such as these have a lot less sting.  The comment did unite us and made us stronger together.

Today is hopefully the last day of 'awww c'mon' as the pump in the cowshed played up twice this morning.  Then we discovered one of our calves in the neighbours property, and it was awfully difficult to get her back as there are no gates in the boundary fence.

In other news, I have been trying to find my passion in life.  And watching too much TV does not count!  Hopefully, if I work hard at it, I will discover what it is soon.

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