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Monday, September 09, 2013

Ground hog day

It has been feeling like 'Ground Hog Day' around here lately.  Ah, the joys of dairy farming. 

Alarm goes off at 6am, I snooze it twice and get up at 6.20am.  Wash the previous nights dishes (just don't feel like doing it at night, I'm a bit more of a morning person), go out, feed calves, pick up calves, have breakfast, fill in time until 2.30pm when it's time to go out and feed calves again, walk dogs, cook dinner, go to bed, alarm goes off ...  This happens ev.ery.day rain or shine or hail or wind or weekend or weekday. E.V.E.R.Y  D.A.Y

Over it.

TJL has it worse. He gets up at 5am to milk, then works his arse off all day until 3.30pm when he milks again, and doesn't get in until 6.30-7.00pm.  He's a trooper, a work-a-holic, an energizer bunny.  He makes me tired.  And makes me feel guilty.

However, light is appearing at the end of the tunnel.  32 cows left to calve (out of 220) and I have been gaining back some energy to actually get housework, other than dishes and clothes washing, done.  Today, for example, I wiped down all the window sills, talk about fly graveyards!  Yuck!  I am also doing my best to get said housework done during ad breaks, it's actually amazing what you can do during an ad break, especially in NZ as the ads seem to go on forever!

And I am finally getting onto scanning all of my old photos.  Doing about 1 hour a day (ok so that was just over the last two days) so at that rate it's going to take a few years. Then there's all the negatives to start scanning. Plus grandparents old albums.  She's a big job!

And since I have scanned them to our desktop computer, not my laptop, I can't share here tonight.  But here are a few shots from the last couple of days.

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