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Saturday, March 03, 2012

A change of pace

Tonight I photographed the Show Jumping Awards dinner at 'The Hub' in Hawera.  

I don't photograph people well.  I am incredibly shy, and not good at directing people to where I think they should go, I totally lack confidence.  Thus, I don't direct people, I just do my best to get the shot I want … stupid, stupid, stupid.  This is completely why I photograph sports.  The participants are focused on what they are doing, not what I would like them to do, and thats how I like it.  I like to be invisible.  Thankfully tonight the MC directed the people to the side to have their photos taken.  Such a life saver! 

Tonight I also had trouble with my flash.  To be perfectly honest I really don't like automatic cameras.  No, now lets be totally honest, I haven't read the manual on how to work 'manual' mode properly, therefore I can't use it.  NOTE  TO  SELF …  READ  THE  MANUAL!!!  I can do either aperture priority, or shutter speed priority, but I have no idea how to over-ride both, which is what I needed tonight.  I'm sorry technology, but you don't always know what is best OR what I want!!

And finally, they had projected images going up on the back wall, that meant some of the people I photographed had/have colour casts across their faces.

However, they actually aren't all bad.  They aren't stunning, or award winning, or even close to perfectly awesome, but they aren't all bad, which is good.



Platter, schedule, and horse shoe

See the colour-cast on the gentleman's face!  Not good

A much better shot!  (Away from the projector)

I have 141 to burn to a couple of disks, to give to NZ Equestrian tomorrow, and I sure hope that they have some suitable for use.

And they are now in the process of burning, but I want to go to bed!  One disk to go!

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babycrazykiwi said...

Have you survived the storm over there? Looked pretty bad on the news.