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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dr Fufu appointment

I had a mid-cycle scan today.  My regular Fufu doc was not in so I had an ultrasound lady.  Not good news for us.  I don't appear to have any folicles to size this month.  It could be because the days for taking the tablets changed from 3 to 7, to 2 to 6.  I forgot to mention that to replacement lady.  Not that anything can be done.  So no pressure this month, which of course won't stop me from hoping, but that's how it goes.

I have had a bit of a nasty cold.  Ended up taking half the day off of work yesterday, and fortunately I had today off, so I should be good to go again tomorrow - yes I get to work Easter Friday AND Easter Monday.  I have to tell myself - time and a half AND a day in lieu.  And if I can save enough money, I shall be a housewife in 6 months time, and I can definitely deal with that.  Each time TJL says 'when are you going to do such and such?'  I say 'In six months time' ... lol

Some people have said that they could not be a housewife, they'd get bored!  Not me!  I am so glad I have my photography, that I can develop further.  Plus I will be helping TJL out on the farm, getting some more experience under my belt before we finally manage to purchase our own farm.

We almost have all the adoption paperwork done.  Will get it sent off straight after Easter.  Nervous as heck, into the wide unknown!  Plus we have to have our medicals.  Very exciting though!  Me more than TJL, but that's probably a good thing, although I wish I didn't have to push him quite so hard.

Basketball tomorrow night - Taranaki Mountainairs v Bay Hawks.  So excited!  I love basketball, plus I do the 'media' for Taranaki, which just involves the facebook page at the moment.  Managed to find the team a song today, I hope the rest of the committee like it.

And off to Waverley on Sunday, to photograph a Pony Club end of season cup day.  Wooop!

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Toyin O. said...

Hope you are feeeling better:)